Business gets in the way of business

Sorry for the long break, I haven’t bailed out yet. I am about to open the etsy, I’ll start adding cards little by little but we will sell magnets first.

If you’re like me you love to collect refrigerator magnets. I have been working on themed magnets as well as decorative.


This bow it’s a start but we will have a lot more.

It’s a short post but I wanted to let you know what’s been up

Help out


Step 1!

It’s here! I finally got my cricut! I’ve been playing around with it just looking at things you can do. I want to start my etsy off making cards and gift bags/boxes. But I will sell a lot more as time goes on. I’m pretty excited. As soon as I get everything up and running I will link the etsy shop. Still no pics of the office because it is trashed with cricut stuff. I needed to organize my paper. I wool post the first project you have to make.


And the picture I made to go on my hubby’s keyboard


I haven’t messed with vinyl yet but hopefully soon!

If you have any ideas of what all I should sell in my store (doesn’t have to be cricut related) please leave me a comment.

-Thank you

Help out


Well I’ve got my office pretty much done. It looks ghetto but I love it! I have a station for my cricut. Which by the way should be here Saturday according to the tracking. Cricut’s not selling the regular explore so I had to go with Air but I’m fairly certain my old laptop’s still going to need to be plugged in.
I bought a bit for my office and cricut. Amazon had done amazing deals and bundles (in case you didn’t know, I’m incredibly frugal) I ended up fusing a 1/2 in. Tape runner instead of a mini one for cheaper with refills. I got a great deal on a vinyl sampler, I only doesn’t like 7$ on it but now it’s gone back to 20$.

I did run into a big problem, my printer broke. I was looking forward to doing print then cut with my cricut. One of the first projects I want to make is a birthday card for my husband. I might not be able to get a new printer in time but I will have my cricut so I week just have to edit around to make it. I’m crafty enough. I’m still going to get a new printer, but it probably won’t be for a couple weeks.
Other than that everything is going great. I will  post pics of the office when it’s cleaned up, no laughing! I wanted to recycle as much as possible.
Baby is almost 5 months, he is trying his hardest to crawl, but I’m sure anyone with a baby knows why you don’t get a lot done.

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Good stuff!

My hubby and I finally got our new computer, we’ve been working on piece by piece. The old laptop we were using will now be put in my office for my store! Everything is slowly drifting together like reverse Pangaea.

Speaking of office, I’ve turned half of the baby’s room into my office/creating room! All my storage containers are made of cardboard. Everything is, I had bunches of cardboard boxes lying around, it seemed fitting. It’s but done yet but I’m calling it “The Cardboard Office”

Last note, I ordered my Cricut Explore! Oh happy days, it hasn’t shipped yet, but as soon as it arrives I’ll be starting my etsy fully! I couldn’t be more excited!

Help out

Business problems and crowd funding

So, I’m trying to get ready for etsy and you add the cost of this, the price of that. I’m going to need tools, supplies, and….Yikes. The cost gets out of hand! How do I post to start up? Indiegogo! I started a crowd funding project to help me get started. Check it out here, our scan the QR code


I’m am so excited. I’m going to start blog page in a few days listing the things I’ll need and what I’m doing with the business so everyone will know it’s working out! Please stay posted and thank you so much!

A New Day

Pretty soon, I’ll be able to start up my etsy. I’ve already got my account created. But the best news…

I’m getting a Cricut Explore! I talked my husband into letting me get one to make stuff for etsy. That way I can still stay home with the baby.

I am so excited, I’ll probably start my shop selling card sets and polymer clay things. I’m not going to start my candy store (which is my ultimate dream) till after we move.

Now I’m not going to get my Cricut until April, but I’m getting closer to my dream.

Hello world!

Hello all! My name is Krystal. I’ve decided to start blogging during a long period of staying at home. I have a 4 month old son, so I needed something to do while I’m home. I hope to discuss my plans of the future, our just talk ¬†about my life and going-ons. I hope to make friends and have a lot of fun.

Thank you,

Krystal NeVair